Explore Posca, the leading name in creative markers and art supplies, available at Selfridges. Posca is renowned for its commitment to providing artists, designers, and creative minds with high-quality, versatile markers that unlock a world of artistic possibilities. Each Posca marker is a fusion of innovation and artistic expression, offering a wide range of colours, tip sizes, and marker types that cater to the needs of artists and creators of all levels. Whether you're a professional artist looking for precision tools, an aspiring illustrator eager to experiment with colours, or a craft enthusiast seeking versatile markers for DIY projects, Posca provides a diverse selection to meet your creative desires. Dive into our curated collection of Posca products at Selfridges and elevate your art and crafting endeavours with a brand trusted by creators worldwide. Unleash your imagination with Posca, where every stroke is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

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