Pick up a new hobby, test your problem-solving skills or simply pass the time with our range of jigsaw puzzles.

You won’t be short on choice with puzzles available in a variety of designs. Dive into the wonderful world of Disney and put together magical moments featuring princesses or discover images of quaint towns filled with enchanting details. You can also pour over impressive landscapes, fantasy vistas and out-of-this-world illustrations of the planets. 

Build scenes dreamt up by the most famous makers. There are puzzles catered to all ages and difficulties. If you’re a newbie then start off with a 500-piece jigsaw and advance up the levels as you conquer each one. If you consider yourself an experienced puzzler, try a 1000-piece to get your brain working and if you’re a veteran then tackle a complex 2000-piece.

For a real challenge, take on a 3D jigsaw. Unlike traditional flat options, these three-dimensional puzzles let you construct realistic objects from hundreds of tiny parts. Think spherical globes, racing cars and even the solar system – all made from individual pieces of intricately cut cardboard.

Whether you play alone, revelling in the accomplishment as the picture comes together before your eyes, or with family or friends, a jigsaw puzzle is guaranteed fun. 

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