Suqqu Beauty

With a name translating to 'posture with attitude', our SUQQU beauty range works to enhance your natural assets with confidence-inspiring make-up and skin care. Inspired by the Japanese phrase, 'a woman rising to her full height', SUQQU epitomises the idea of beauty coming from below the surface, offering minimalist formulations and season-specific shades. Products are crafted simply and with the highest-quality ingredients to boost glow, for skin that appears lit from within. Explore our pick of the cult label's palettes, foundation and lip colours – after vigilantly applying your SUQQU serum and moisturiser, of course.

In the Selfridges SUQQU selection, you'll find skin care such as cleansers that dig deep into pores to remove impurities, as well as nourishing sheet masks to soothe and add moisture. Our foaming face washes lather up into silky lotions that make you feel refreshed both day and night. Buttery creams can be buffed into your face or left on as a mask – an indulgent treat for the skin. 

SUQQU Japan is well known for its eyeshadow palettes. Use yours to create understated or dramatic looks, in colours varying from khaki green to earthy rust. The brand's foundations blend seamlessly, providing a barely there look and a glow that becomes dewier the longer you wear it. Bases contain nature-derived extracts to nourish the complexion, and are available in a wide choice of hues.

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60/145 results
60/145 results