Ty Toys

Few toys are as recognisable and nostalgic as Ty's. Explore our curation of the iconic range and collect them for yourself, or gift them to a lucky someone.

In 1983, Ty was founded by and named after H. Ty Warner, a toy business veteran who wanted to improve on the traditional stuffed toy. He designed his first toy – a cat named Angel – that he under-stuffed intentionally so it would easily take on different poses. This was the birth of Ty's hit Beanie Babies: small, stuffed animals sporting the brand's red heart-shaped logo tag and each given a unique name. By the 90s, the toys were a national sensation and beloved by children and collectors alike. Now, glittery details, googly eyes and super-soft fabric are just a few of the characteristics you'll find in Ty toys, which include modern reinterpretations and plush versions of favourite fictional characters.

Delight the child (or collector) in your life with Ty's range of soft and plush toys in different vibrant colours and sizes – from pocket-sized friends to big, huggable animals. You can't go wrong with cuddly Ty teddies that make wonderful travel and bedtime companions. If you can't decide on one to take home with you, why choose? The more the merrier.

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