Discover joyful Casdon toys at Selfridges. These authentic-looking replicas of everyday household appliances have been expertly crafted for pretend play. Look for items such as vacuum cleaners and kitchenware, as well as shopping accessories from grocery baskets to checkout cash registers. Children love to copy their adult role models, and this selection gives them the tools to spark their imaginations and encourage endless storytelling.

Thomas Cassidy founded the brand in 1946, beginning a proud family tradition of toymaking. Its ethos was and continues to be to produce top-quality pieces at affordable prices. According to Casdon, roleplay toys should be fun while also helping children to discover, learn and develop. Now a worldwide renowned company, the brand continues to evolve, bringing hardwearing and realistic-looking replicas to foster creative and independent play.

Browse our curation to find fun items such as functioning tills and trolleys, or household products modelled after real-life pots, pans and ironing boards. Casdon mini appliance toys are so authentically made, they've been given the rights to use some of the world's leading manufacturing brand names. Watch in delight as your child uses these realistic toys to copy you and act like a pint-sized grown-up going about their daily errands.

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