Kids' Scooters

Does your youngster have a need for speed? Satisfy them with our handpicked range of children’s scooters, from lightweight two-wheeled designs to stable three-wheeled ones – many adjustable so they can grow with them. Then keep things extra safe by adding a helmet, lights, and accessories.

Kids' scooters offer a wonderful way for junior years to get plenty of exercise and have fun at the same time. Whether they’re riding their scooter to school or around the park at the weekend, scooters are a fun way to encourage kids to develop fitness, balance and core strength, as well as motor skills. Our collection includes a range of designs and colours so kids can pick their favourite. For younger years, opt for a scooter with two wheels at the front to stabilise them as they learn how to ride – and choose fun designs with their favourite cartoon characters to add a playful pop of colour.

Looking for a scooter to suit older years? Explore our collection of designs in cheerful tones of turquoise, pink and blue. The adjustable handlebars offer a flawless fit for kids of any height, while the foldable design means storage is extra easy.

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21/21 results