Born from the whirlwind romance of Roz and Ottavio Missoni, this Italian label is loved for its flamboyant knitwear, cosy accessories and bold cover-ups. You may notice the famous zigzag motif first, but it's the juxtaposing colours, relaxed shapes and intricately weaved yarns that come together to make a signature Missoni piece.

The story of Missoni dates back to the 1950s and is as colourful as the products themselves. Starting out as a knitwear workshop in the small Italian town of Gallarate, the Missoni brand made it to Milan just five years later. It's now a full family affair, with daughter Angela at the helm of its creative direction. Thanks to this, Missoni clothing continues to find its way into the hands of fashion aficionados around the world. Designs expertly tread the line between eccentric and tasteful – spot the bohemian zigzag weave, Aztec-inspired patterns and playful tassels.

Still made in Italy today, Missoni fashion uses the finest materials, including a broad range of high-quality wools, from felted types to more lightweight ones. The label's archetypal style extends beyond knitted accessories to cashmere hoodies and cotton-jersey tees. Expect to find plenty of vibrant woolly hats and fringed scarves – all unmistakably Missoni.

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57/57 results