Naked Wolfe Shoes

Naked Wolfe shoes are big, bold and one step ahead of the youth footwear market. Our collection includes unmistakable platform boots and chunky tough-soled trainers styled for fashion aficionados who make a habit of standing out.

Naked Wolfe was launched in 2017 as a family-run business with immense ambitions. Creative direction is in the expert hands of two 20-something siblings, Bronte and Cooper. With a mission to create disruptive styles while cresting the wave of current trends, the label is known for its fashion-forward shoes. Naked Wolfe footwear adds attention-grabbing height and an outsized sense of style, whether you're stomping down the streets or dancing through the tiny hours. 

Naked Wolfe trainers are built from the finest materials – think supple leather, high-tech mesh and sturdy rubber for those signature oversized soles. Quality components are crafted into on-trend designs with nods to classic skater and dad styles. Discover trainers with hand-finished individuality, or go for the impressive flexibility of those high-as-they-come chunky soles. Shocking-pink leather or shearling raises the temperature on some pairs, while the brand's loud thigh-high platform boots are ready to make a formidable statement.

The label is proud of its increasing focus on sustainability, so has also developed a vegan-friendly faux leather range. London-founded Naked Wolfe is big on branding, too: look out for graffiti-style scrawls and its signature wolf's head on the latest ultra-chunky trainers and heels.

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