Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses

If you're looking for timeless eyewear, our collection of women's Ray-Bans is the place to browse. The brand is best known for its classic Aviators, designed in 1929 for pilots in the US military. Thin frames made them lightweight and easy to wear on long flights, while the large polarised lenses protected their vision from light and radiation. It's this innovative anti-glare technology that gives the company its moniker: the design literally banishes ultra-violet and infra-red rays from the eyes.

You'll find this signature style in our selection of ladies' Ray-Bans today, along with the ever-popular Wayfarers that followed in the 50s. We've got sleek black frames and tortoiseshell options, with opaque and ombre lenses – to name just a few. For added luxury, pick up some smart glasses to enjoy connectivity before your very eyes. We're talking three hours of battery life, 4GB of memory, speakers, a microphone and cameras, all encased in this retro-style option.

Every pair of women's Ray-Ban sunglasses comes with the famous hand-written logo printed subtly in the corner of the right lens to show off your impeccable taste. Some even have it embossed on the metal arms for extra detail. When the light fades, simply slip yours into the protective leather case to keep them safe.

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60/657 results
60/657 results