Sony Home & Tech

Revitalise your everyday entertainment systems with Sony’s innovative home and tech products. Explore our huge range of PlayStation games, from strategy and sports genres to role-playing and multiplayer. Increase your immersion with controllers that use haptic feedback to simulate the feeling of in-game actions and environments. We’ve also got HD cameras with dual lenses and 3D-depth sensing technology to help immerse you in enthralling virtual reality worlds.

Our selection of Sony headphones uses the brand’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) to restore the richness and detail of compressed audio, so what you hear is closer to the original recording. Here, you’ll find wireless in-ear styles that boast water resistance and extended battery life. Look for noise-cancelling designs that block out high and mid-frequency sounds while still allowing the basic ambient noise (like important transport announcements).

Love to listen to your tunes out loud? Sony’s range of wireless speakers includes powerful designs that enhance low and bass tones, as well as ambient room-filling creations that diffuse sound both horizontally and vertically. Discover portable DAB radios with built-in rechargeable batteries and digital amplifiers to boost sound quality. Enjoy vinyl records thanks to turntables fitted with external speakers and USB ports that allow you to convert old-school tracks into high-resolution audio files.

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60/102 results
60/102 results