Toogood by name, but certainly not too good to be true: this London-based design studio's collection of fashion, fine art and homeware evokes a distinctive sense of poetry and avant-garde-ism. The brand was founded in 2008 by Faye Toogood, and it's been finessing homes and public spaces with artisan furniture and handcrafted accessories ever since. Following its success with stand-out interiors, the label has now expanded to clothing, too. This means you can bring Toogood's superior eye for sleek shaping into your wardrobe as well as your lounge.

Simple geometry and bold lines unite the label's eclectic offerings. When it comes to furniture, expect slim backrests and uncomplicated shapes. They're underpinned by an artistry that elevates a simple seat or side table to a statement conversation starter. Angular finishes sit side-by-side with smooth, caress-able curves, styled in block colours for a minimalist look. You'll find that these principles flow from the brand's furniture into its wearable designs.

Our selection of Toogood clothing is just as sculptural, flaunting wide cuts and asymmetrical collars for an eye-catching effect. Pair a voluminous blouse with pleated oversized trousers for an arresting silhouette, or throw on a pure-cotton dress in a relaxed fit for an airy ensemble. On colder days, turn to our choice of cosy cashmere to lock in heat with a snuggly knit.

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