Y/Project Women

Y/Project Creative Director, Glenn Martens, was once named as one of the top 500 people shaping fashion globally, so it’s no surprise that our Y/Project women’s collection pushes style boundaries. The Paris-based label was established in 2011 by the late Yohan Serfaty, and Martens took the helm in 2013. Strongly influenced by streetwear and abstract silhouettes, Y/Project offers a playful perspective with its tailoring.

Deconstructed fits are common in the range as are asymmetric or tied waistlines that draw the eye to the curve of the hip. With his avant-garde attitude, Martens has little regard for conventionality and many of the pieces are unisex fashion in nature. While his designs are both contemporary and conceptual, they also put a strong emphasis on versatility. A knitted pullover with a braided neckline can easily be paired with shorts, a skirt or jeans depending on the occasion.

When it comes to colours, you can expect to see a mostly muted palette of faded, washed greys, blues and blacks in fabrics like cotton and denim. Y/Project is all about creating visual interest, so look for visible hems and exposed ties that play with proportions. Show off your inner rebel with a ruched, lopsided T-shirt and twisted jeans.

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