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Unleash your creativity and enhance your natural beauty with our exquisite collection of makeup products at Selfridges. Explore a kaleidoscope of colours and textures carefully curated to suit every style and occasion. From timeless classics to the latest beauty innovations, our makeup selection boasts renowned brands that embody quality, luxury, and trendsetting glamour. Dive into a world of possibilities with foundations that perfect your complexion, eyeshadows that captivate, and lip colors that make a statement. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a beauty minimalist, our range caters to all, providing the tools you need to express yourself and embrace your unique style. Elevate your makeup routine with Selfridges, where beauty meets individuality, and every product is a brushstroke in the canvas of your self-expression. Discover the transformative power of makeup and redefine your beauty narrative with our carefully curated collection at Selfridges.

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60/3163 results
60/3163 results
project earth icon REFY: Brow Sculpt 8.5ml
project earth icon REFY: Lip Sculpt 4ml
REFY: Tinted lip gloss 13ml
project earth icon REFY: Duo brush
project earth icon REFY: Brow Pencil 0.06g
project earth icon REFY: Face Primer 40ml
project earth icon REFY: Cream Bronzer 8.3g