Channel your inner Barbie girl with our latest selection of these iconic dolls and their fun accessories. Our Barbie range for kids is bursting with themed playsets, outfit changes and animal friends so play-makers can immerse themselves in the brand's bright world. Whether you're looking to kickstart a collection or spark your child's imagination, we've got plenty of Barbie doll playsets in our Selfridges toy chest.

The much-loved figure takes her name from a real-life Barbara – the daughter of the label's founder, Ruth Handler. When the American businesswoman observed her child playing with paper dolls, she noticed that she gave them adult roles. She saw a gap in the market for styles with grown-up bodies and launched her idea at the American International Toy Fair in New York City on 9 March 1959 (a date the company still marks as Barbie's official birthday). The toymaker designs contemporary iterations of the doll to inspire little girls around the world, with a wide range of skin tones, professions and hobbies, from doctors to dancers and mermaids.

For rainy days, bring the outdoors inside with a miniature stable- or campfire-themed Barbie doll set. To travel between adventures, why not pick a branded van or sports car with plenty of room to bring extra friends along for the journey?

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60/78 results