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Our kids' arts and crafts collection is brimming over with activities to keep creative children occupied. From crystal playsets to clay pottery kits and stationery, there's an arts and crafts box for everyone. Let imaginations run wild with a host of projects so exciting you'll want to join too. Explore Selfridges' treasure trove for fun ideas to fill weekends and school holidays (and give the grown-ups a break).

Whether your child is a budding scientist, artist, engineer or actor, there are arts and crafts box sets to suit every interest. Help them discover the magic of making with jewellery kits, modelling paste and an array of art sets. For independent thinkers, a notebook and a set of colouring pens are all that's needed to unleash creativity – tidy up at the end of the day with playful pencil cases.

Need help finding gifts for every birthday boy and girl in the classroom? These creative toys are sure to please parents as much as their kids. With arts and crafts for children as young as 3 as well as for ages 6 and up, there are options to delight all the smallest members of the family. Look for items marked with the yellow Project Earth banner to teach them about planet-friendly solutions at an early age.

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60/239 results
60/239 results