Make your wardrobe more planet-friendly with our Reselfridges range of pre-loved items. The special collection is part of our Selfridges Project Earth scheme, a bold sustainability initiative that aims to change the way we shop and do business by 2025. It's built on three themes: transitioning to environmentally friendly materials, exploring new business models and challenging mindsets.

Eco-consciousness is increasingly on our minds when we're making purchases. Here at Selfridges, we believe in breathing fresh life into previously adored pieces, whether that's a quality leather cardholder for everyday use or some special-occasion jewel-encrusted earrings. When you delve into our Reselfridges selection, you'll find authenticated pre-owned clothing from some of the biggest names in fashion – many of which are made with upcycled materials. You may even spot a limited edition design (or two) to make yours.

Discover your next favourite accessory or pair of shoes with Reselfridges and give them a chance to shine again. By shopping pre-owned rather than brand new, you can pick up pieces from your favourite labels that save on carbon energy. Since these products have already been created, no CO2 is needed to extract materials or manufacture them. Buying second hand also reduces the energy needed for transportation and means designer goods can be enjoyed to their full potential.

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