Kids Dolls & Dolls Houses

Spark growing imaginations with our collection of dolls and doll houses. Kids big and small can invent stories with different characters – and use intricate playsets to create an immersive world of make-believe.

Traditional doll houses are an ideal accompaniment to imaginative play. Wooden iterations with hinged openings include multiple floors to decorate: fill each room with pint-sized furniture – choose ovens, plush sofas and beds – and let kids start styling. Thanks to cheerful touches and vibrant hues, our doll houses will brighten children's moods and bedrooms. Want to add your child's favourite characters to their toybox? Explore dress-up dolls from classic animated films, designed to cater to diverse age groups. Teach younger kids to recognise colour, shape and pattern by choosing different outfits – it'll also encourage their creativity as they pair different garments.

Playsets and figurines allow little minds to explore different scenarios and stories. Among our collection of playsets, expect to see aeroplanes, clubhouses and diners made to nurture children's curiosity. And that's not all: kids of all ages will love our range of princess-castle playsets. Playing as princes and princesses, youngsters can craft their own adventures by organising furniture sets and developing characters.

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60/181 results
60/181 results