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Specialising in chronographic watches, Breitling is synonymous with progressive horology. The Swiss brand has played a crucial role in the development of the mechanism since Léon Breitling established the maison in 1884. In fact, it was some of his patented innovations that led to the label becoming so influential in the watchmaking space. Nowadays, the brand is spearheaded by Georges Kern, who interprets its heritage with a contemporary sensibility.

Known for sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments, the label is one of the only in the world to equip all of its models with chronometer-certified movements that it makes and assembles in its own workshops. This sets its timepieces apart as emblematic of unparalleled precision. From Breitling automatic watches to iterations with self-winding mechanisms, you'll find a variety of accessories with impressive power reserves in our curation.

The Breitling brand centres its collections around the concepts of air, land and sea, referencing its historical connections to aviation, sports and diving. Discover styles with coloured leather or gleaming link straps. Dials come in an array of jewel colours, from sapphire blue to ruby red, while bezels are etched with indices or embellished with diamonds. Whichever watch you choose, its round case houses intricate engineering within.

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60/82 results
60/82 results
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