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Ichendorf Milano has done things differently since the early 1900s. Though its contemporary glassware designs have changed with the times, the company's mission has remained the same – to create products that withdraw from established forms and stand as objects of beauty in their own right. Each Ichendorf glass item is the result of a long and careful collaboration between designer and maker. Browse our selection and our guess is that you'll agree – all the hard work that has gone into creating each piece is totally worth it.

Though details vary considerably between collections, you'll note several hallmarks that constitute something of an Ichendorf house style. Playful geometric shapes, for instance – a teapot might sport a tight, looped handle, which contrasts with its terse, straight spout. Watery washes of colour are common signatures, too. An Ichendorf Milano tumbler could be a simple trapezoid, glazed all over in green or blue. Or it may have a mischievous glass animal at its base, waiting to surprise you as your drink is imbibed.

As well as working with dozens of designers, Ichendorf Milano's exceptional glassware are handcrafted, using traditional lampworking techniques. Rest assured, when you welcome Ichendorf into your home, you're investing in a bona fide piece of art.

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36/36 results