Leonor Greyl Beauty

For Leonor Greyl, beauty was a family passion before evolving into a business. The namesake of the brand and her husband, Jean-Marie, have combined their interests in all things botanical to offer a natural take on premium haircare.

Whatever your hair type, you can step out of the shower feeling refreshed thanks to an indulgent and effective hair washing routine, courtesy of the label's lineup of shampoos. Oily scalp? Lather up with formulas packed full of yeast for its anti-sebum properties. If dullness is your nemesis, then blends of honey lavender and rose will leave your locks with an enviable glossy shine. Or, if you're tired of battling limp and lifeless tresses, opt for products laced with seaweed extract to give you bouncy volume. Treat yourself to a Leonor Greyl conditioner, with hydrating hero ingredients of shea butter and jojoba oil, to soften and repair everyday damage. 

For a superior level of luxury, try an iconic Leonor Greyl beauty oil. This magical multi-tasking product can be used both on your body to moisturise and on your hair to detangle and add gloss. Use it after being in the sun to boost the appearance of tanned skin with its glowy finish. Look out for the green Project Earth banner throughout the range, signifying's Leonor Greyl's commitment to cruelty-free formulas.

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