Linda Farrow Womens

Take a glimpse into fashion history with Linda Farrow eyewear. In the first half of the twentieth century, sunglasses were a largely practical item – neat and useful, but rarely flashy. When it launched in the 1970s, Linda Farrow took London by storm with its experimentalism, proving that these previously unassuming accessories could be a sartorial centrepiece. Explore our collection and you'll discover a range of retro-inspired shades, from the minimalist to the avant-garde.

A little glamour can't hurt, so why not start with some of the label's signature oversized glasses? Channelling the flamboyance of the 70s, these styles add a showy sophistication to any occasion, whether that's a Riviera cruise or a stroll through your local park. Embrace colour with sorbet-hued acetate frames, or opt for blend-in tortoiseshell. Playful details like cut-outs and metallic embellishments make the designs even more special.

If you're a pared-back dresser, it's hard to go wrong with some Linda Farrow gold or silver aviators. With their instantly recognisable shape, these sunglasses are true classics. Square is another subtle choice – look for gently rounded corners for a softer appearance. As well as aesthetic charm, each set has UV-proof lenses that offer protection from the sun's rays.

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40/40 results