Taking cues from growing up in New York City, Michael Cherman founded MARKET back in 2016. Spending most of his childhood days roaming around Canal Street Market hoping to find hype-worthy counterfeit garms, the creative takes a trip down memory lane, seeking inspiration from the downtown boulevard as he begins bridging the gap between culture and fashion.

After dropping out of school and landing a job at a sports giant’s customisation store, the founder quickly discovered his passion for turning one man’s waste into another’s treasure. Taking old tees and stamping them with scribbles and slogans, his idea of DIY culture was born. Allowing each piece to act as a blank canvas, the designer used his clothing as an output to express his political, social and environmental views while rehashing pop culture across the globe.

Activating the next generations of creators, MARKET’s whimsical collections are renowned for their vibrant illustrations and controversial prints. But that’s not all. Teaming up with a long list of houses from fast-food chain McDonald's to comical animation Looney Tunes, each collaboration adds a sense of nostalgia to your sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, jogging bottoms, and more.

Explore our edit below and discover unique pieces that do more than your daily clothes. While the short-sleeved tops spark a conversation on herbal remedies, the tie-dye shorts and trousers express your view on the afterlife and outer space.

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27/27 results