Men's Designer Invisible Socks

Let your footwear speak for itself by opting for men's invisible socks. Explore our shapes designed to disappear when worn with shoes or trainers, putting the spotlight on your latest kicks. Look out for thoughtful details, from ultra-light cushioned soles to slip-resistant materials.

Men's invisible ankle socks are just what you need for hitting the gym or hanging out with friends. Cooling properties, breathing channels and climate-active soles will keep you feeling fresh and dry while you're out running or doing an intense workout. Moisture management is a must for socks – options often include wicking to draw sweat away from your feet when you exercise. The men's invisible trainer socks in our selection are constructed from an array of fabrics, such as stretch-jersey and breathable cotton blends for a comfortable fit. 

Anti-slip technology means your feet will sit neatly in your shoes, which is handy for busy weekends spent exploring new places. Even more so when it comes to turning up the speed on the treadmill. The streamlined silhouettes are artfully crafted to provide support without obscuring your footwear aesthetic. Our collection includes neutral hues as well as pops of neon and embroidered motifs that you can show off when you wriggle your toes at the end of the day.

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25/25 results