Whether you're mixing it into margaritas or sipping it neat like a connoisseur, our expertly crafted tequila deserves a spot in every home bar. The key to its distinctive flavour is the blue agave plant, which is native to Mexico, the home of tequila. Many of the tequila brands you'll find here are rooted in the country's rich distilling tradition, using time-honoured methods to produce a premium product. Look out for handblown glass bottles that deserve pride of place.

Tequilas are categorised according to how long they have been aged, ranging (from youngest to oldest) from blanco (or silver) to joven (or gold), reposado, anejo and finally extra anejo. In our selection, you'll find 100% pure blue agave silver tequilas packed with fresh herbaceous notes and hints of pepper – delicious in cocktails.

Discover reposado tequilas aged for years in oak barrels to create an irresistibly smooth blend boasting notes of toasted caramel, roasted fruits and cacao. Anejo styles aged in ex-bourbon barrels offer a rounded flavour intended for sipping, while other creations are aged in stainless steel tanks for a pure citrus taste. For something extra-special, opt for a rare extra-anejo with a rich, sweet flavour. 

If you're searching for a thoughtful gift, our range of tequila at Selfridges includes limited-edition bottles presented in meticulously crafted boxes.

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