Common Projects Shoes

Common Projects shoes are renowned for their minimalist aesthetic and ultra-wearable style. The brand has evolved to become an established favourite through its combination of the highest-quality leather and exceptional craftsmanship. In our collection, you'll find pared-back sports shoes that are both comfortable and versatile. 

This story began when designers Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami met in the East Village of New York in the mid-1990s. Their vision? To create the ideal shoe. Rather than making dress shoes or trainers, they wanted something that could exist comfortably in between. Though the company is still based in the Big Apple, each pair of shoes is hand-stitched – using velvety soft Italian leather – in the stunning mountainous region of Marche, in eastern Italy.

These subtly sporty pairs are available in block colours – typically brilliant white, sleek black and deep burgundy. The only hint of branding appears in the delicately embossed line of golden digits found on the side of every pair. Digits correspond with the shoe’s style numbers, European sizes and hues. For the fashion connoisseur, these figures are not just functional – they're markers of timeless quality. 

Common Projects footwear is the epitome of flexible style. Whether you're dashing through the airport or relaxing with friends over a coffee, Common Projects trainers are a symbol of refinement.

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25/25 results