Dr Sebagh

With a philosophy that centres on ageing maintenance as opposed to eradication, Dr Sebagh is an innovative voice in the skin care world. A renowned cosmetic surgeon, the eponymous founder uses his expertise to craft no-nonsense treatments that offer visible results.

Among the brand's bestsellers, Dr Sebagh serums are an excellent place to begin your journey to more youthful skin. Tailored formulas fast-track the skin's natural cell turnover process and stimulate collagen production – that means increased elasticity and softness should be quick to follow. Look for options boosted with hero ingredients such as moisturising canola oil and brightening vitamin C. To completely revitalise your daily routine, why not pair with a cleanser and moisturiser? Dr Sebagh designs these products to work seamlessly with the label's other lines, providing you with 360° care.

For an extra hit of indulgence, pick up a deeply pampering Dr Sebagh skin care mask. Exfoliating scrubs are lightweight but highly effective, gently buffing away dead cells for a brightened appearance. If you're applying your masks in the evening, we recommend using them alongside a nourishing night lotion and eye cream to restore moisture as you sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed, even before you've had your morning cup of coffee.

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