Dinnerware Collection

We’re a firm believer that the right dinnerware collection can make all the difference when it comes to plating up. Consider Royal Doulton's stoneware sets for a perennially in-style aesthetic. If traditional is more your thing, we’d suggest heading straight for Wedgwood’s detailed designs.

Create an impression next time you have guests over with pieces from our modern dinnerware collection. Expect crockery in plain colours, from deep black to fresh white, that provide backdrops for the food presented on them. Details are kept to a minimum – think subtly contrasting rims and all-over speckles. Materials include pure, high-quality porcelain for durability. In our sets, expect a useful combination of cereal bowls, dinner plates and side plates. A starter bundle makes the ideal new-home gift, while extras such as large serving plates and mini ramekins are ideal for topping up your existing collection. You can pick up some cutlery while you're here, too – go for minimalistic stainless steel or options with coloured or wooden handles.

If you're after a modern and eclectic look for your interiors, experiment with colourful dinnerware collection sets. We have options in vivid hues as well as bold, abstract prints. Explore patterns and artwork including intricate floral embellishments and other nature-inspired decorations. Enjoy your daily cup of coffee in rustic, glazed mugs in block shade or contemporary ombré effects.

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60/312 results