Soft Animal Toys

From cuddly to fierce, enter the world of our soft animal toys and discover their new favourites. Small plush toys will make ideal new baby gifts, while realistic wild animals will become beloved companions for older children. For anyone with an affinity with stuffed animals, you'll find cute and compelling mascots here that will charm young and old alike.

Our soft animals start at pocket-size dimensions, just right to snuggle up with a newborn. Adorable bunnies and other woodland creatures make excellent comforters, providing babies with company in their cot. Once they fall in love with a furry friend, pick up spares for when their buddy is in the wash or mislaid.

At the other end of the scale are large rocking animals that will take pride of place in your nursery. These sweet creatures are constructed with steel and beech frames and are all ready to become part of the family. But there's more to round out your very own zoo, including penguins, orangutans, big cats, sea creatures and elephants. Kids will love adding to their own menageries of adorable BFFs.

Look for our Project Earth banner to find eco-conscious toys that are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials and processes. These include soft-touch toys created from recycled plastic bottles, making them even more lovable.

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39/39 results
39/39 results
FAO PLUSH: Giraffe plush toy 29cm
FAO PLUSH: Elephant plush toy 22cm