Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets are a life-like alternative to the real thing. The Australian brand creates products designed to act, move and sound just like actual animals – a delight for little imaginations. In our collection, you'll find individual figures as well as a whole host of accessories that provide hours of interactive entertainment. 

A Little Live Pets playset from our range is the ideal gift. We have birds nestled in colourful houses, as well as chameleons, which change colour with their mood and light up to music. They come in their own tropical tanks and make over 30 noises. For the insect lovers, go for one of our butterfly playsets. Each animal can flutter its wings and grows more animated as its small companion plays with them. 

Designs from Little Live Pets animals are made from either durable and easy to clean plastic or plush materials which make them soft enough for snuggling. Kids can take care of puppy dogs with their blankets that are ready to be soothed to sleep or wrapped up for naptime. Pigs nuzzle, walk and feed and snort, transporting your child straight to the farmyard. Or, give them their first fish or bird to practice for their first real pet.

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