Canadian brand Moose Knuckles is here to provide you with the ultimate companion for cold-weather adventures (or trips to the corner shop). Known for its fashion-forward and functional outerwear, Moose Knuckles is an expert at creating coats to combat frosty weather. Its noteworthy winter parka will certainly get you through the globe's coldest climates; it can withstand chilling temperatures as low as -40ºC.

The label prides itself on its dedication to providing high-performance outerwear, which is evident from its rigorous manufacturing processes. Craftsmanship plays a crucial role in the assembly of a Moose Knuckles coat, with 90 skilled technicians involved in the process. The brand places the utmost importance on functionality, giving each and every part of a garment the meticulous consideration it deserves. Hardware is made from resilient steel, while zips are renowned for their toughness. The cosy down fillings are made from premium, ethically sourced goose feathers that promise effective insulation. This attention to detail results in products that are made to last. Buying Moose Knuckles clothing is an investment for many seasons to come.

The label doesn't just stop at just coats and jackets – there are plenty of wardrobe staples on offer too. Browse cotton T-shirts, graphic sweats and cosy fleeces for the complete experience. 

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