Indoor fun and Nerf are synonymous. Launched by Parker Brothers in 1969 with the first all-foam ball, the American brand specialises in ammunition-based toys that won't damage your interiors. Today, the label's products extend to outdoor games, too, with the range including everything from unmistakable blasters to water pistols.

A certain someone can work on their accuracy with our collection of officially licensed Nerf guns. It includes colourful designs with detachable scopes to line up targets, making precise aim easy. What's more, they shoot reloadable foam darts for hours of play. Don't forget to stock up on refill packs to extend the fun. You'll also find battery-operated motorised pieces to take speed and distance up a notch. Look out for designs with rapid-fire options and multiple clips that provide more shooting choice as your kids take cover and battle each other.

For those who enjoy online gaming as much as real-life games, explore the Nerf Fortnite collection. Inspired by equipment from the video game, the range includes distinctive blasters that capture the look and feel of the virtual ones. The abbreviated names reference their web-based counterparts, while different colours signal their rarity. Co-branded logos complete these items, so your kids can show their allegiance to their favourite games.

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