Playdoh Kids

Expect bucketloads of creativity when you witness a child open one of our enticing Play-Doh sets. The spectacular compound has been around since the 1950s, and there’s no denying Play-Doh modelling clay has remained a perennial favourite over the years, with billions of pots sold to date. 

So, what makes Play-Doh so special and appealing to kids worldwide? Well, we love the freedom that comes with Play-Doh, and children's imaginations will take them in a range of directions, with the non-toxic dough available in a huge assortment of colours. You’ll find vibrant pinks, lime greens and sky blues, all easily mixable to create a whole host of shades. Be sure to explore the Play-Doh accessories in our curated collection, too. They act as additional tools to springboard young people's ideas – who knows what they’ll come up with?

Play-Doh is a classic, designed to be used time and again for multiple play sessions. We think it makes an exciting gift for any creator – ignite their curiosity and watch as they craft away. Will they sculpt an animal, a ship or perhaps a colourful abstract artwork? Their artistic talents might just become apparent, and their eyes will undoubtedly light up.

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