SHAUN LEANE Jewellery and Watches

Make a statement with a piece of Shaun Leane jewellery. The British designer exploded onto the catwalks in 1993 when he began working with Alexander McQueen. Their collaboration started with small Victorian-inspired fob watch chains, and over the years expanded to larger, more cutting-edge ornaments, like the famous metal spine corset in 1998. In our collection, expect necklaces, bracelets and rings inspired by themes of warriors and romance.

If you're looking for the brand's signature hook designs, you're in the right place. We've got Sean Leane necklaces and earrings aplenty in that strikingly pointed style. Choose between sleek silver and a range of gold finishes to match your outfit and mood. You'll notice pearls and precious gemstones scattered across the collection, too, adding subtle detailing on the end of a bangle or completing the circles on a pair of Shaun Leane hoops. 

Delicate floral motifs also pop up in our selection. Intricately sculpted blossom with bright white petals can be found on twisting branches with glimmering diamonds in the centre. Thorns and tusks are prominent, too, with rhodium-plated silver or vermeil moulded into gently spiky rings and studs. For a more angular look, discover serpent-inspired designs, characterised by interlocking vertebrae and jewel-covered snake skulls.

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60/230 results
60/230 results