Ultrasun skin experts recommend applying sun protection every day, even in our less-than-tropical British climes. They ought to know – the brand was founded by a bona fide chemist and has more than 25 years of experience in creating high-SPF creams and lotions.

UVA rays are harmful all year round, can pierce clouds like butter, and contribute significantly to the ageing process. So if you care about your skin and your complexion, you'll want to reach for some Ultrasun sunscreen. This lightweight, non-oily solution acts as a powerful barrier against UVA while delivering a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants to keep the dermis feeling healthy and hydrated. You'll find several options here, ranging from sensitive formulations, delicate enough to apply to babies, to targeted treatments for face, lips and body.

All Ultrasun sun creams feature the brand's patented lamellar gel structures. This clever technology mimics the natural make-up of the epidermis, allowing lotions to work gently beneath the skin's surface and avoid irritation. Naturally, Ultrasun products are beloved by people with sensitive skin, and a boon for the environmentally conscious too. It is, after all, the only sun protection brand to have won the BASF EcoSun Pass, the gold standard for planet-friendly suncare – even more reason to wear your daily dose.

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