Smart Home & Wearable Technology

Our collection of wearable and smart home technology is brimming with modern and hands-free devices to enhance your lifestyle. Smartwatches help keep track of your health, while massagers can soothe your muscles, whether you've been working out or just want to relax. Look out for vacuum robots, sleep and snoring aids and more, all from your favourite tech brands.

These smart home technology devices come in all shapes and sizes for extra convenience. Tired of your drinks going cold? Sleek smart mugs keep beverages warm by controlling the temperature from the mug itself or using the connected app – some options are even dishwasher safe. Lamps no longer simply provide light; the designs in our range feature wireless Bluetooth speakers and phone-charging capabilities too, ready to place on your desk or bedside table. 

Wearable technology in our collection includes smartwatches, fitness trackers and even glasses. Sitting neatly on your wrist, compact watches and trackers make it even easier to reach your exercise goals, while other capabilities include heart-rate monitoring and smartphone alerts. The glasses in our selection feature built-in cameras that connect to your phone, so you can capture every moment. Other styles include speakers for listening to tunes on the go – some can withstand pool parties and light rain, and include a handy charging case.

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60/287 results
60/287 results