Whether snowboarding or skiing is your vice, Arc'teryx is a brand you need to have on your radar. The Canadian performancewear outfitter is changing the way we think about outerwear, with pieces inspired by the rugged climes of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, where the label originated. 

The brand's main USP is the fact that Arc'teryx clothing is created specifically to work in multiple terrains. Take its innovative nylon jackets, which are windproof while also being fully breathable and able to regulate your temperature. Or look at the clever backpacks, crafted from a highly water-resistant shell (known as AC²) that's used to protect your belongings from rain and snow.

The ethos of this label – named after Archaeopteryx lithographica, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight – is all about problem-solving. Arc'teryx outerwear was founded on the idea that there's usually a better way to do something. All of the brand's designs are earth-conscious, with meticulous pieces that have been developed for extreme durability. Nothing's more planet-friendly than a jacket that lasts a lifetime and has been built to withstand the most extreme of conditions – particularly reassuring if you happen to be on top of a mountain (or facing a British winter).

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