Whisper BOSE on the breeze and there'll be an audiophile's ears pricking up not far away. Treat yourself to one of our BOSE products, and you'll soon hear why this is a brand that considers bass, mids and treble worthy of worship. You'll find speakers and accessories in our collection, all manufactured to the label's exacting sonic standards.

For grooving on the go, a Bluetooth speaker is the solution. Choose from our range of portable BOSE speakers and start experiencing larger-than-life sound, anywhere. These take-anywhere systems are packed with BOSE's exclusive innovations, like acoustic reflectors that amplify the sounds primed to delight the human ear.

BOSE headphones, too, are beneficiaries of the brand's pioneering research, which has its roots in Dr Amar Bose's audio experiments at MIT in the 1960s. Pick up some earbuds, and the snug silicone tips will help you hear every note. Or for total sonic immersion, why not select a pair with BOSE's proprietary noise-cancelling technology built in?

BOSE is for music lovers of all tastes. Whether you're a jazz fan, looking to kit out your home cinema system or simply make any journeys you take a bit more musical, BOSE is an exceptional option all-round.

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29/29 results