Bose Home and Tech

Bose is continually seeking out the new and the next. The Bose sound system has revolutionised the world of audio and you can hear it for yourself. The company was the first to create noise-cancelling headphones and now the American brand offers everything from Bluetooth speakers to audio sunglasses. 

Founder Amar Bose was fascinated with electronics as a teenager. Lacking the funds to buy brand-new gadgets, he purchased second-hand ones and upgraded them himself. This ignited a love of electronic innovation and 50 years later Bose continues to thrive on this spirit of curiosity and creativity. Turn up the volume on your Bose soundbar and you'll see what we mean. Cinematic sound is contained within its sleek lines and simple shaping, and it's easy to use for a family-friendly experience. You'll find gently curving cylindrical styles as well as angular options, finished in minimalist colours to blend seamlessly with your decor.

Select a Bose home speaker that's able to pick up your voice, so you can control your living room sound system via simple spoken commands. For a powerful personal auditory experience, slip a set of wireless buds into your ears. Like the old-school look? Don a pair of over-the-ear headphones with a chunky profile to shut out any surrounding noise and immerse yourself in your favourite beats.

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32/32 results