Fun and characteristically colourful, few brands have brightened up high-street shopping like Benetton.  It's been over 50 years since its founder Luciano Benetton made the bold decision to swap plain wool for vibrantly dyed yarns and paved the way for our practical range of Benetton clothing. In our selection, discover eye-catching jumpers and down-filled jackets alongside wear-every-day separates including relaxed-fit T-shirts and casual tailored trousers.

Keeping craftsmanship at its core, this Italian brand is dedicated to bringing joyful colour into our lives – and it's respecting the planet through more socially and environmentally conscious production too. In virgin wools, robust cotton and linen blends, these pieces come in the famous array of United Colours and use recycled materials that are even longer-lasting, thanks to their resistant fibres.

Benetton's ad campaigns were huge conversation sparkers in the 90s, and you'll see subtle references to its influence across that decade in our collection. Expect the classic puntomagliainsignia on its jersey tops and logo tees or brightly coloured sweatshirts that are hard to ignore. Whether you’re looking to introduce cheerful tones to your wardrobe or find year-on-year staples, explore our selection of Benetton fashion and accessories for both men and women.

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60/364 results
60/364 results