Browse our brandy selection to find the ideal bottle for a special occasion or post-meal tipple. We've picked out a variety of blends, hand-chosen by our tasters for their smoothness, depth of flavour, and irresistible aroma. 

Not sure where to start? Look for your favourite fruit. The beauty of brandy is that it can be distilled from a wide range of ingredients, so there's a drink to suit every palate. You'll spot apple brandies in our collection, which have been crafted from hearty ciders that are transformed into sweet, gently spiced digestifs. Or try Obstler schnaps made from berries, pears or plums and double-distilled into a beautifully clear liquor that packs a sensory punch. Traditional grape-based spirits make a delicious pairing for post-dinner cheeseboards, and you'll find options here ranging from complex Armagnacs to zingy piscos.

Swirl a serving around your glass to warm the liquid and release its heady scents. Enjoy it neat or add a dash into a freshly-brewed coffee after your meal. Or, if you're prepping for a party, why not create a classic brandy cocktail with zesty juices and sour bitters? When you're looking for a decadent gift, an oaky, aged variety is an indulgent treat. Expect it to come in a suitably smart brandy bottle and will often be packaged in a sleek, easy-to-wrap box.

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2/2 results