Pangaia Kids

We began stocking PANGAIA at Selfridges in 2021, and it was no time at all before we'd all fallen in love with its vibrant, eco-conscious designs. They suit children down to a T, too. Browse our picks of PANGAIA's kids' loungewear and let your wee ones discover the soft, comfortable and very clever clothing for themselves.

We have all sorts of organic cotton kids' clothes, designed for all ages from toddler to pre-teen. You'll see snug hoodies, for instance, made of durable fabric and sporting easy-open zips. Match one with its coordinating elasticated jogging bottoms and you've got a complete pint-sized tracksuit, all set to keep children cosy while they play outdoors. For warmer weather, choose a pair of shorts, perhaps in vivid persimmon orange or timeless off-white.

Talking of hues, the colourful clothing you see before you is dyed using a special process that conserves water, lots of it. Choosing a sweatshirt alone, even in its child-friendly size, saves up to 584 days of drinking water. For this reason, and myriad others – too many to list, in fact – most PANGAIA products are included in our Project Earth initiative. Look for the yellow banner to be sure.

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