Shower Gels & Lotions

Our collection of shower gels and lotions is brimming with designer brands and products intended to pamper and revitalise. Whether you’re after self-care or looking to treat someone special, our line-up of spa-worthy scrubs, cleansers and gels is just the thing. For eco-conscious options, look out for our Project Earth banner – it highlights labels dedicated to creating cruelty-free formulas that prioritise animal welfare. 

Start your day off right with a bottle of designer shower gel. Why not explore luxury concoctions from plant-based ingredients, such as cardamom, mandarin and cedarwood? Enriched with vitamins and aloe vera, these aromatics will awaken your senses and help you feel refreshed for the day ahead. 

Treat your skin to a spa-like experience by incorporating a scrub into your routine. By removing dirt, oils and dead cells, our invigorating range will leave your epidermis feeling soft and healthy, as well as improving circulation.

For long-lasting fragrances, shop our body wash products, designed to hydrate and purify. Immerse yourself in the seductive aromas of sandalwood, peppercorn or musk. Prefer a fresh and zesty scent? Opt for vibrant notes of lime peel, grapefruit or green jasmine. When it comes to preventing inflammation and the build-up of pollutants, a wash enhanced with hydrating amino acids is key. Featuring paraben- and sulphate-free options, our selection puts the health of your skin first.

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45/45 results