Pixi Beauty

We adore Pixi beauty products because they're formulated for busy people on the go. This is make-up for the nine-to-fivers and the up-all-nighters. If botanical formulations with speedy and fuss-free results sound appealing, you'll love our picks of Pixi's catalogue. Here you'll find a bounty of beautifying tonics, masks and balms, all designed to be easy to apply and fix flaws fast.

Pixi is perhaps most famous for its tonics, so let's start there. Enriched with natural additives such as ginseng and jasmine, these toners help soothe skin and give it a healthy, youthful glow. The same goes for Pixi face masks, which include such wonders as omega oils, witch hazel and chamomile. Choose from several options crafted to plump, brighten or rejuvenate the epidermis. And when it's time to wind down from the rigours of the day, a Pixi cleanser – complete with hand-picked exfoliating ingredients – will leave skin looking better than it did in the AM.

Founded by make-up artist Petra Strand over 20 years ago, Pixi has won plaudits from the press and public alike thanks to simple, body-friendly beauty solutions. Plus, all its products are 100% cruelty-free, so you can enjoy a clean conscience as well as a spotless complexion.

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52/52 results
52/52 results