Ready to create the audio system of your dreams? You can connect all of Sonos’s speakers and components over Wi-Fi and control them with a single app, to enjoy your favourite tunes in every room. Responsive touch controls and built-in voice activation result in a seamless experience.

Discover soundbars designed to fill your space with top-quality Dolby Atmos audio, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to the radio. Each is fine-tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasise the human voice; even the quietest of whispers is crystal clear.

Prefer to keep it old school? Sonos also makes speakers that can connect to turntables, projectors and CD players, as well as streaming music with vivid clarity. Specifications such as extra memory and increased processing power provide improved performance. To bring out the bass, add one of Sonos’s wireless subwoofers to your repertoire: they’re engineered to eliminate vibrations and prevent distortion.

If you like to take your playlist with you, explore our selection of Sonos wireless speakers with all-day battery life. Look out for weather-resistant qualities that stand up to rain, UV rays and salt spray while still delivering rich sound via custom woofers. The best part? Sonos’s portable speakers can automatically tune and balance your music to suit your surroundings.

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