Aspinal Of London

Aspinal of London is known for quintessential English flair; its artisanal accessories combine city style with expert craftsmanship. Headquartered in the National Park of West Sussex Downs, Aspinal started out as a supplier of bespoke leather accessories to London's most prestigious museum gift shops. Shoppers were captivated by the exceptional quality and distinctively heritage look of its stationery. Expansion into luxury lifestyle items, such as washbags and satchels, was a natural next step.

These Aspinal of London leather products – from hip flasks to tidy-alls – are gracefully embossed with the sleek moniker in an eye-catching gold or silver finish. The name originates from the Old English description of 'a well near a copse of trees'. It symbolises the values of nature, strength and generosity on which the brand was established, evident in Aspinal's use of ethically sourced raw materials and biodiverse practices, like beekeeping. The label's dainty coat of arms also appears on wallets, purses and straps: a shield representing protection and skill with a feathered quill at its centre. 

With rich heritage and quality workmanship, it's no surprise Aspinal continues to be a favourite for customers both home and abroad. You'll find phone cases and card wallets in this range, alongside handbags and backpacks. These contemporary accessories, lovingly crafted with traditional methods, have longevity and beauty to match the nature that inspires them.

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60/467 results