hair mists

Ideal for maintaining smooth and beautiful hair and creating a subtle veil of head-to-toe scent, hair mists are a simple and effective step in your haircare routine. Full of nourishing ingredients for shiny and healthy hair, once you realise the significance of this step you'll never want to miss it again. This selection features high-quality heat protectant sprays to keep your precious hair protected from harmful heat damage, texture sprays for a little extra help creating the beachy look, as well as oil control hair mists to keep everything under control. Or consider scented hair mists and hair perfumes, a great way to inject fresh fragrance into your haircare, whether utilised for everyday use or saved for indulging on one-off special occasions. Whether you want to add shine to your hair, an element of volume or simply want to smell fabulous, treat your locks to a signature scent today with the Selfridges collection of hair mists from quality brands.

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28/28 results
28/28 results
project earth icon ROJA PARFUMS: Elixir Supreme Hair Mist 50ml
project earth icon AVEDA: Thickening Tonic 100ml
project earth icon BOUCLEME: Root Refresh 200ml
project earth icon ROJA PARFUMS: Enigma Supreme Hair Mist 50ml