La Molina conjures up chocolate that plays on all your senses. The Italian chocolatier's concoctions capture the crunch of a classic bar, the intrigue of a selection box and the comfort of rich hot chocolate. It's a brand that's infused with tradition and focuses on crafting consumable art. Enjoy each bite of La Molia's sugary creations with the label's "with the eyes and mouth" philosophy.

Our collection of La Molina chocolate includes the very best delectable treats for any occasion. Curling up on the sofa with a loved one or searching for a sweet gift? Discover our assorted chocolate and truffles boxes that are available in a range of sizes and mouth-watering flavours like velvety praline and peanut and tiramisu. Layered milk, white and dark cocoa cakes and slices contain hints of raspberry with dottings of pistachio and hazelnut. These are ideal for a scrumptious birthday treat or post-dinner dessert. 

La Molina chocolate spreads are sure to add an extra bite of delight to your breakfast or snack routine. They're made with multiple layers sandwiched in the jar and finished with trickles of hazelnut. Gianduja cakes are a worthy experience too as they're packed with intense dark and creamy cocoa complete with crispy wafers.

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47/47 results