Roja Parfums

Enjoy the scent of true luxury with our tantalising Roja Parfums range. The elite perfumer is renowned for its exclusive scents, which it creates using rare, hard-to-come-by ingredients. After all, there's a good reason why company founder Roja Dove was known as Professeur de Parfum during his 20-year tenure at French beauty house Guerlain.

From small-batch rose de Mai harvested from the Grasse region of the French Riviera to hard-won orris distilled from the root of the bearded iris plant, Roja’s chosen ingredients epitomise the extraordinary. Classic elements like warm, mossy chypré are surprisingly twisted with white flowers and juicy peach, while traditional Arabian oud receives a sugary, contemporary remix with touches like candyfloss or rhubarb. Every fragrance is housed in an opulent gold and crystal bottle to take pride of place on your dressing table.

Inspired by everything from romance novels to Lebanese souks and ocean waters, Roja Dove’s perfumes are designed to tell a tale through scent: a wonderfully exclusive way to express your individuality. Fans of sultry and spicy scents should look out for top notes of bergamot, while traditionalists will appreciate clever combinations of rose and stately violet. Whatever your story, reveal it with Roja Dove perfumes.

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56/56 results