Women's Mini Skirts

It turns out that mini skirts have been around for longer than we ever could have imagined. Archaeologists have found evidence of them dating from the 12th century BC. Irrefutable proof, we think, of the garment's unyielding longevity. Of course, most of us know it as an icon of the Swinging Sixties, and you'll find plenty of options that channel the style of that vibrant decade, as well as fresh takes on the classic look.

Denim minis are longstanding favourites. You'll spot pieces from a number of big-name brands here, complete with practical pockets and belt loops. Pick one with a high waist and you'll forever have a flattering outfit ready to go – just slip on a vintage tee or chunky knit, depending on the weather. Tweed skirts are equally quintessential and pair beautifully with lightweight polo necks or blouses. A pleated mini skirt, delicate and flowing as it is, would make for a playful match with some biker boots.

We've even picked out several mini skirts for women who want to shop more sustainably. Just watch out for the yellow Project Earth banner. This indicates those products are created in a planet-minded way, perhaps because they're made from ecologically sourced leather, or they're manufactured locally.

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60/204 results
60/204 results