Playful, functional and full of life, Zuny's products are here to make your home an even happier place to be. These whimsical creatures will be your living room's latest talking point, with each one fashioned from faux leather that's customised to the brand's exacting requirements. You'll spot a menagerie of animal friends here, all designed to do a particular job while looking adorable.

Avid reader? Treat yourself to a Zuny bookend in the form of a farmyard animal, zoo creature or an endearing pet. Filled with iron sand and decorated with intricate facial details, they'll keep your reading in place while giving your bookshelf some extra liveliness. It's a similar story with the brand's faux-leather doorstops: they're cute, weighty and they'll guard your door as charming bouncers. If you've really fallen for Zuny's artistry, choose one of its large decorative pieces. They're just like the maker's other products except supersized, so expect the same attention to detail in their extra-chunky, extra-huggable form.

What's more? Good news for animal lovers: Zuny makes sure to exclude all animal products from its décor designs. So, as well as using high-quality faux leather, it stuffs its characterful creations with synthetic polyester, making them even more mood-boosting to have around.

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